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Sharing Circle
DIVERSITY Night Social
The Brew Review
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Recurring Events

DIVERSITY Night Social
2nd Thursday @ 7:00pm
Location Varies
Check Calendar for Location

Sharing Circle
4th Wednesday @ 6:30pm
Main-Downtown Library
2nd Floor Large Conference Room


  • To encourage constant reflection on and attainment of spiritual growth. Though the organization is primarily for individuals of a Pagan faith, all individuals who wish to expand their understanding of Pagan traditions and/or allow religious diversity to serve as a catalyst to their spiritual practices are invited to join.
  • To contribute to the community at large by increasing the quality of life for all of Acadiana\92s members. ASA will host and participate in social justice programs, raise environmental awareness, and celebrate the religious diversity of our area. It attempts to manifest tolerance, balance, and equality within the community and environment while raising awareness of relevant environmental and social issues.
  • To strengthen community bonds between local Pagans. It is our goal that the organization serve as a venue for finding and befriending like-minded Pagans. By creating a network of local Pagans, we hope to give all participants spiritual and social support. Through activism and awareness, this network also builds positive relationships between Pagan and nonPagan communities.
  • To strive to establish a greater tolerance for all religions in Acadiana. Any person, regardless of faith (or the lack thereof) has a right to practice (or not to practice) a religion. No individual should suffer undo tragedy on the sole basis or absence of religious affiliations. ASA facilitates religious tolerance within the Pagan communities and within the rest of Acadiana by raising awareness of religious diversity via social events and education and advocating for religious rights.
  • To educate its members on various aspects of different Pagan traditions, magical systems, and religious philosophies through workshops, symposiums, member and guest presentations, and other mediums, many of which are open to the public. ASA will also attempt to educate members of the public on Pagan traditions to promote religious tolerance and awareness.

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